Storytellers Macon:  Live at the Douglass

Storytellers Macon: Live at the Douglass

Date: Friday, November 5th, 2021 at 7:30 PM
Tickets/General Admission: $10


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The theme is “Stirring the Pot”: In the shared histories of our people, culture is passed down plate by plate. And this is the magic ingredient that brings the flavor – grit. Your inability to shut up, stop dancing, toe the line. Your pulsating personality allows you to stand out and be tasted, even while mixing and mincing up against others. To add a pinch more salt, rub the seasoning a little harder, and grow bolder every time you face the heat. Hear five stories of individuals who are resilient and growing stronger, defining Black excellence by refusing to silence their voices. They’re stirring the pot – and gather round Storytellers Macon: Live at The Douglass to experience a conversation that simmers.  Featuring storytellers Verda Colvin, Rhonda Sunshine Miller, Janice Habersham, Teddye Gandy, and Gloria Cisse. Hosted by DeMarcus Beckham and Ansley Booker.


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